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The Treatment You Need for a Healthy, Quiet Night’s Sleep

Snoring isn’t just loud and annoying, it’s an indication that your airway is obstructed and you’re not getting the healthy, natural sleep your body needs. During sleep, the body and mind repair and replenish themselves on a molecular level; therefore, the poorer the quality of sleep you’re getting, the poorer your physical and cognitive abilities are going to be. Sleep apnea (the erratic breathing that takes place when respiratory tissue collapses and obstructs the airways while sleeping) affects over 20 million Americans, and can have detrimental and long-lasting effects. Sleep apnea can increase the risk factor for development of a number of different health conditions. At Ortega Dental Care in San Juan Capistrano, CA, Dr. Nader Ghiassi and his team of professionals are highly trained to deliver effective sleep apnea therapy that you and your loved ones can rely on.

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Here’s How We Can Help

Sleep apnea can produce lasting effects in the form of daytime inefficiency, fatigue and brain fog (which consists of confusion, forgetfulness and a lack of focus), and it can affect your overall physiological health and well-being. Quality sleep is one of the most crucial factors in terms of achieving whole-body health and wellness. Without good sleep, the body and mind cannot perform the reparative processes necessary in order to function at an optimal level. For nearly 20 years, Ortega Dental Care has been providing patients with state-of-the-art sleep apnea appliances that help deliver a quiet and healthy night’s sleep, night after night. Sleep apnea treatment can help with snoring, teeth grinding, and it can also help decrease the risk of developing other health issues and complications such as:

Conditions Related to Sleep Apnea

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Custom Dental Mouthguards for Sleep Apnea Therapy

In addition to sleep apnea appliances, Dr. Ghiassi and the team at Ortega Dental Care provide customized dental mouthguards that can prove highly effective in the treatment of sleep apnea. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and you’re looking for a custom dental mouthguard in San Juan Capistrano, CA, give our office a call today and speak with one of our team members to schedule a consultation. Using precision impressions of your teeth, sleep apnea mouthguards reduce grinding and help ensure that your airways stay open all night long. Sleep apnea mouthguards function by slightly adjusting the position of the lower jaw. This reduces collapse of respiratory soft tissue, thereby minimizing snoring and maximizing healthy, quality sleep.

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